Your Guide to Handmade Steel Furniture- Part 2

Selecting Metal Sizing for your custom furniture project

You have now decided on your custom furniture piece’s style and dimensions and are now almost halfway to seeing your built to order piece in real life. But first, you should consider and choose the size and gauge of your metal piece.

Steel comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, if you are looking for a more understated style with thinner table legs, choose round tubing. Or, if your décor demands something bolder, choose rectangular metal, which can provide an interesting change from square tubing. With options on tubing sizes as well as tabletop material such as reclaimed wood, quartz, marble, concrete, bamboo, or granite, you can create a limited production piece that is unique to your style and taste.

The following metal styles provide not only shape and form but also add character to a handmade furniture piece. While there are many more varieties of steel metal shapes and sizes, these styles are the most commonly used for furniture projects.

Shape of metal:

  • Round tubing
  • Square tubing
  • Rectangular tubing
  • Angle iron
  • Solid stock
  • Flat metal stock

Size of metal:

  • Round tubing- ½” x ½,” ¾” x ¾,” 1” x 1,” etc.
  • Square tubing- ½” x ½,” ¾” x ¾,” 1” x 1,” etc.
  • Rectangular tubing- 1” x 2,” 1” x 3,” 2” x 3,” 2” x 4,” etc.
  • Angle iron- ½” x ½,” ¾” x ¾,” 1” x 1,” etc.
  • Solid stock-⅜,” ⅝,” 1”, 1 ½,” 2,” 3,” etc.
  • Flat metal stock- ½,” ¾,” 1,” 1 ½,” 2,” 3,” etc.

*All the above are available in custom sizes as well, depending on the application, as they can be fabricated to meet your specifications.

Gauge of metal

Determining the correct gauge is crucial for your project as it ensures the appropriate strength and weight. For instance, a custom steel table base that is supporting a granite top needs a thick, heavy-duty base in order to withstand the weight. Not all pieces are meant to be industrial, so depending on the application, you can choose a lighter weight tubing to reduce weight and still achieve the desired style.

Find the options overwhelming? Unsure how to proceed? Austin Metal Fabrication provides consultation services to help you ease frustration and maximize your time. Let us guide you in selecting the appropriate sizing and metal materials. Contact us today.