Exterior Metal Fabrication

Metal Landscape Edging

Steel edging provides form, function and style when integrated into landscape design.

Metal lawn edging achieves the crisp edges and clean lines that is so popular in Austin, Texas landscaping. Steel edging provides a physical barrier between different materials such as grass, granite or rock. This delineation prevents soil erosion because metal edging prevents water run-off which is crucial for conservation. Your trees will benefit from metal edging as it promotes tree root preservation by keeping dirt and grass in place. If you are xeriscaping your yard, consider the benefits of metal lawn edging.

Steel Retaining Walls

Steel retaining walls control soil erosion, keeping your Central Texas lawn in great shape.

Austin Metal Fab manufactures steel retaining walls to meet your property’s unique specifications to include size and dimensions, makeup of the landscape, drainage considerations and aesthetic concerns. If your lot has a high slope, you may find that a retaining wall is necessary to prevent soil from washing away. Constructing a steel retaining wall keeps your lawn in place, promotes tree root health and conserves water. Austin Metal Fab uses a large gauge, high quality mild steel to construct retaining walls that are unparalleled in durability and functionality. Contact us today to discuss how we can build your lawn back up.

Custom Steel Planters

Built to order steel planters showcase native Texas plants and provide an attractive border for outdoor areas.

A custom built planter instantly updates and adds style to your outdoor areas. In addition, a larger sized steel planter can serve in place of hedges in front of your home, saving on gardening expenses. Choose drought tolerant plants such as agave and cacti for xeriscape looks or select traditional flowers to contrast with the clean lines of a metal garden planter. Accent planters can transform an outdoor living room into a modern hangout. Consider investing in durable steel planters that are not only functional but also chic. Call Austin Metal Fab at 512-522-6993 to see the difference between a handcrafted steel planter versus planters that are mass produced. Purchasing a planter from us will give you peace of mind that you are receiving a long lasting and high quality product.

Custom Metal Gates

Handcrafted steel gates provide privacy and security while making a style statement.

Austin Metal Fab manufactures gates for residential and commercial properties in Central Texas. We fabricate ornamental gates that break the mold using repurposed materials such as bicycle and automotive parts. These custom art gates make a statement while keeping your property secure. We also make traditional gates with classic features using steel and wood; Austin Metal Fab can create a gate that is both functional and attractive. If security is your concern, rest assured that we can outfit your property with a security gate that is impenetrable. Contact us now so we can discuss your metal gate project.